ICP-MS TOF Optimass 9600

GBC Scientific Equipment - ICP-MS TOF Optimass 9600

The GBC OptiMass is the World’s only SIMULTANEOUS ICP Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

  • High performance for simultaneous analysis with up to 10 times faster analysis to analyse all elements compared to conventional ICP-MS.
  • Orthogonal Acceleration Time-of-Flight system with more than 30,000 full spectra per second ion extraction speed.
  • Full mass range coverage from 1 to 260 amu.
  • Better isotope ratio precision and improved parts per trillion detection limits.
  • The OptiMass typically consumes <12 L/min of Argon.
  • Automatic detector protection and user-selectable matrix ions elimination with SMARTGATE ion blanker.
  • Fast screening of unknown samples over the full mass range.
  • Octopole Collision Cell (OCC) with mass independence for interference management during sample analysis. 
  • Simple, Powerful, Intuitive: The OptiMass Software.

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