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Health and safety at the workplace are undoubtedly one of the foundations of international social policies. Several official documents regulate the objective of progressive improvement at workplace well-being. This law focuses on accident and disease prevention by limiting the use of dangerous substances (when possible) or by minimizing contact at the workplace and with workers. A common aim of the numerous publications is to define good practice, make it known and then develop it to the point where working conditions favour greater worker safety and health. To instill a culture of prevention and to change attitudes, it is necessary to improve understanding of risk for the people directly involved, through education, by making them aware as well as and helping them anticipate new risks. It is also essential to integrate health and workplace safety into company management and in other activities that lead to a systematic approach to workplace well-being, thus adapting to all the changes that normally take place. The risk prevention attitude must be consolidated by demonstrating that effective workplace safety and health policies are a strategic factor in market competition and that, in contrast, absence of these policies brings added costs´╝Ä


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